Hi, my name’s Connor.  This is my last term before graduating from UVIC with a degree in Health Information Sciences.  I’ve been going to College and now University for a few years now, and bounced between a few degree options (Including Biology and Psychology) before finally settling on HINF (Health Information) as my preferred career choice.  I’m looking forward to finally finishing the long road that’s been my degree, and getting out into the working world to make a difference.   For hobbies I enjoy setting up home automation and audio visual technology, as well as a variety of strategy board games, and playing ultimate frisbee.  I look forward to seeing what this term has to offer!

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  1. Heidi James

    Hi Connor,
    I enjoyed reading about your interests and the educational background that led you to your career choice. I’ve tried ultimate frisbee, but I’m rather terrible at it. I appreciate your interests in home automation. I am quite the opposite – I want automation in my work site and my home to be as low tech as possible!
    I am looking forward to our term together,

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