Fourth Blog Prompt Response – Interaction

I chose to go to YouTube, as my preferred video service, and typed in “Electronic Health Record”, which is the main topic of our groups Interactive Learning Resource.  I was greeted with a variety of options, and selected  the video titled Why electronic health records?.

This is a two minute video that does would not directly prompt interaction from my students, or force them to respond in any way inherently, however, it would cause them to think about their own treatment, and how the implementation of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) would positively impact them and others.

After having watched the video, I could suggest that they do a personal activity, and think back on any healthcare that they or a family member had received that could have benefited from an EHR, and then think how much time and effort could have been saved for them, or people they know had an EHR been implemented.  This could help make the idea of an EHR more personal, as it would help the student identify ways in which it could directly impact them.

The students could use a form to submit their responses, with one question being how many instances have they experienced where an EHR could be useful, and a second one being how much of their time could have been saved.  These would be subjective questions designed to make the person think.  There could then be a couple objective questions, for example, what other ways could an EHR benefit society?  If the answers to these questions were submitted via an online form, then we would be able to respond to them through the same tool, providing information for the student.

Creating this activity would cause a minimal amount of work, however, responding to or providing feedback to students would be significantly more work.  It would also be quite difficult to scale the activity for larger numbers as there are very few ways through which the feedback portion could be automated.  However, once a certain number of students participated, the feedback portion could be replaced with a list of anonymous responses from other students to the same question, effectively providing feedback.  This list could be vetted by us so it would show accurate information as well.

I believe that this would be a worthwhile and low effort activity to create, and could help to inform its participants regarding how an EHR can be useful for the population and healthcare in the future.

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  1. dannyc

    Hi Connor,
    I liked your idea of a self-reflection back to a previous experience with healthcare. I feel that healthcare is such a universal experience for everyone that at least everyone would have an experience with the healthcare system. I also liked how you suggested the activity of submitting responses in the format of an online form. This can be an easy way to aggregate all the answers and do some analysis on what students have said, I also liked how you suggested automating parts of the feedback which is a pretty cool idea!

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